Processing the captured packet in TMeter

There are three processing levels of the captured packet in TMeter: the Filterset Level, the Filter Level and the Rule Level.

The Rule Level

All of rule's conditions must be valid for the captured packet in order for it to satisfy the rule. This case is called "Rule Match" and this rule is called "Matched Rule".

The Filter Level

The TMeter Filter may include unlimited number of rules. At least one rule, listed in the filter, must satisfy the captured packet, in order to satisfy the filter. Processing the captured packet at the filter level starts from the first rule until Rule Match. If Matched Rule has the actions "Count" or "Count and Pass", the sent bytes counter or the received bytes counter will be increased by the total length of the current packet.

The Filterset Level

The captured packet will be processed by the filters included in the filterset, from the first filter until the last filter. The captured packet will be processed by the next filter, if:

TMeter will stop processing the captured packet, if: