Capturing the traffic

TMeter Service has two capture states: In capture, No capture. You can change the capture state from TMeter Administrative Console connected with TMeter Service. The network traffic capture can be started if at least one network adapter is selected for capturing and the filterset is loaded into TMeter Service with at least one traffic filter.

Managing the capture states

Difference in Capture Modes

  Strict Capture Mode Active Capture Mode Passive Capture Mode
Traffic capture when computer acts as network router (or as NAT router) Required Required Impossible
Capture traffic in Promiscuous mode No No Yes
Packet Filtering (Firewall) Yes Yes No
Traffic limit Yes Yes No
Traffic Shaper (AKA Speed control) Yes Yes No
Block packets when TMeter service is not running Yes No No
Performance Worse Worse Better

Strict Capture Mode

In Strict Capture Mode, all packets will be blocked if TMeter service is not running. Strict Capture Mode should be selected when you want that all network packets must be processed by TMeter Service. Enabling this mode, keep in mind the following: