Packets Forwarding and Rewriting

TMeter includes features of forwarding and rewriting the headers of IP packets (source/destination address for all protocols and source/destination port for TCP or UDP). Forwarding and rewriting are different terms and let's give a strong definition for everything:

Packets Forwarding - is process of changing the destination address and port with saving the original destination IP address attributes in internal memory buffer. The original address and port will be restored when sending back a reply.

Packets Rewriting - is process of changing the source or destination address/port without saving the original IP address attributes in internal memory buffer.

To forward or rewrite the packet, it is required that the packet matches a rule with enabled option "Rewrite or forward the packet". This option can be changed in Rule Editor:

In case of rule match, the packet will be forwarded to IP address and port, which are specified in dialog "Packets Forwarding":

If you enable the option "Packets Rewriting" in Filter Editor, the packet will be rewritten (Packet Forwarding will not work for this filter).