Database Table for Packet Logging

You must manually create the table in the database before TMeter records the IP packets. A minimal set of the fields for the table is:

N Name Type Description
1. filterid smallint Filter id (from 1 to N. In general, N is a number of filters in the filterset)
2. proto smallint IP protocol type
(1 - ICMP, 6 - TCP, 17 - UDP and etc. See "protocols.txt" for details)
3. src_ip char(16) Source address IP (in decimal-dotted notation, e.g.
4. src_port int Source port (for TCP or UDP only, the range is 0 - 65535)
5. dst_ip char(16) Destination address IP
6. dst_port int Destination port (for TCP or UDP only)
7. sent int Sent bytes counter
8. recv int Received bytes counter

In addition, if you enable logging of the MAC addresses, ToS (Type of Service) field or Filter Name in the packets database, you should create some additional fields in the table:

N Name Type Description
9. src_mac char(16) Source MAC address (e.g. 1a2c3e4d556f)
10. dst_mac char(16) Destination MAC address
11. tos smallint TOS (Type of Service) field (the range is 0-255)
12. filtername char(30) The filter name (The length of this field must be the length of the longest Filter Name in the filterset)

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