Zeroing counters using the utility TrafReset


The TMeter installation package contains the utility TrafReset, which performs the counter reset using a special communication protocol with the TMeter Service. If you run TrafReset without parameters on the command line, you will see the following:

TrafReset version 4.5
Usage: TrafReset hostname password filterid1 filterid2 filterid3 ..

So, all parameters are passed into TrafReset using the command line:


TrafReset.exe localhost qwerty ALL

For the periodic running of TrafReset you should first create a .bat file that will invoke TrafReset with the necessary command line parameters (for example, trafficreset.bat). Secondly, add a scheduled task in the Task Scheduler, which will run the newly created .bat file.

How do I run TrafReset once per day when the user logs in?

See the example VB script "trafreset_once.vbs" in the TMeter installation package.