XML Traffic Reports

This feature provides the easiest way of building various traffic counters reports for the fixed time periods. 

Why XML ?

XML is a standard language used to structure and describe the data that can be understood by different applications. The power of XML is its ability to separate the user interface from the data.

What application should I use to view XML Traffic Reports ?

TrafReport (which is included in TMeter installation package) or Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you are going to use only TrafReport to view XML Traffic reports you may stop reading this topic.

How it works

The report accumulates the traffic counters on a monthly basis. When a new month starts, new XML Traffic Report is created automatically. Filenames for the monthly XML Traffic Reports are constructed from a four-digit year and a two-digit month of the year (ranging from 01 to 12) numbers. For example, "2003_09.xml" is a monthly report for September 2003 and "2003_10.xml" is a monthly report for October 2003. TMeter will create and update a "CurrentMonth.xml" file as well. This will be a copy of the XML Traffic Report for this month.

You will find an example of the XML Traffic Report here. This displays the traffic counters for the filter with id = 15. As shown there, the traffic counters are 2518192 (sent bytes counter) and 12315902 (received bytes counter) for the whole month of August 2003. Besides that, this report contains the traffic counters for the specific days. For example, the traffic for the specific day (say August 22, 2003) was 677994 (sent bytes counter) and 3510996 (received bytes counter).

For the best viewing in the browser, it is recommended to use XSL formatting for the XML Traffic Reports.

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