TMeter FAQ

Q: I've got the message "Cannot allocate memory for new filter". What is it?

A: This means that you are using trial version and you've exceeded the maximum number of filters in the trial period. To remove this restriction, you should purchase a license.

Q: How to restart TMeter Service using command line?

A: If you run TMeter Service as a Windows NT Service, you can use the commands:

Q: I've lost a password for TMeter Service. What should I do?

A: Remove the registry key [HKLM\Software\TMeter Software\TrafAgent\Settings\Password] and restart TMeter Service. After that, the password will be blank.

Q: I've specified a wrong IP address for accepting incoming connection of TMeter Service (dialogbox "Options", tab "Administration"). As result, I can't connect to TMeter Service on any address using TMeter Administrative Console (got "Error code = 10057"). What should I do?

A: This is a security feature of TMeter and you should use it when you exactly know what you are doing. To reset listen address, remove the registry key [HKLM\Software\TMeter Software\TrafAgent\Settings\BindAddr] and restart TMeter Service. After that, you may connect to TMeter Service without problem.

Q: Is it safe to manage TMeter Service over network? Can someone sniff my password for TMeter Service?

A: Remote administration is absolutely safe. TMeter uses one-time passwords for administration. So, sniffing the network packets for TMeter plaintext password is useless. 

Q: What personal firewall do you recommend to use together with TMeter?

A:  There is a built-in firewall coming with Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Windows XP.

Q: After installing TMeter on PC with ZoneAlarm, I see blocking all network activity via one of network interfaces. What's wrong?

A: Unfortunately, ZoneAlarm uses nonsafe NDIS hook that conflicts with TMeter's driver. We can't resolve this problem.

Q: TMeter doesn't detect my network adapters. What should I do?

A: First, reboot your PC. This really helps in 33% cases. Second, send us the file "support.txt" from TMeter's startup folder (by default, "c:\program files\TMeter\support.txt").

Q: I'm logging captured HTTP host headers and packets in Microsoft Access database. First, all worked fine. Suddenly logging errors have appeared. What's wrong?

A: Probably, you have exceeded a limit for size of Microsoft Access database. Check for;en-us;302524&Product=acc2003