Logging the Application Events

TMeter Service records own events (information, warning and error messages) to two destinations simultaneoulsly: to the Windows Event Log facility and to the plaintext file.

Logging to the Windows Event Log

This is a built-in Windows Logging facility presented only on Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP/2003. It provides a standard view for the application events, filtering and remote viewing. To view the TMeter Service Events, open "Event Viewer" (Control Panel -> Administrative Tools) and select "Application" item. You will see the TMeter Service Events under the TrafSvc source.

Logging to the plaintext file

This allows recording the TMeter Service Events directly to the plaintext file located in the user-defined folder (by default, it is separated "Logs" folder located under Trafsvc.exe). The filename for the application log file is constructed from the current date using the template "Log_yyyy_mm.txt" (where yyyy is a four-digit year and mm is a two-digit month of the year ranging from 01 to 12). When you ask for the technical support, please attach the application log file for the current month in your message.

You can specify the folder for the application log in the "Options" dialog box (the "Folder" tab) in TMeter Administrative Console.

To prevent the application log files from growing unexpectedly, you can setup the maximum file size for single log file and number of rotations for the log files. These parameters are stored in the Windows Registry and can be changed only using Registry Editor.