Cisco Netflow Collector v.5 (v.9)

The built-in Netflow Collector v.5 allows to capture network traffic from any Netflow-enabled devices (such as Cisco routers or Linux/FreeBSD boxes).

What is Netflow?

NetFlow is a network protocol developed by Cisco Systems for traffic accounting purposes. Therefore, if you have Internet gateway based on Cisco-router, you can count traffic using TMeter.

How to configure a router?

On the router side, you should setup the two main parameters: IP address of host running TMeter and UDP port number used for receiving Netflow packets.

How to configure TMeter?

You should select "Cisco Netflow Collector" in the dialog of selecting network adapters. Next, you should ensure, that UDP port used for receiving Netflow packets is the same on the router side and on TMeter side. By default, TMeter receives Netflow packets on UDP port 8818. You can change UDP port number via registry. The logic of constructing traffic filters and rules is the same as direct collecting the packets via network interface.

 For packets, captured using Netflow engine, the following features will not work: